Boulevard's payment processor sends deposits daily on a 2-day rolling basis, Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays are not included. A record of these deposits can be located within the main business options (gear icon > Payment Processing > View Merchant).


Viewing Transfers

On the Transfers page, deposits will be listed by deposit account or by individual location, with the most recent 15 days of transfers showing below. Under each account or location is listed:

  • Transferred On - date the transfer was initiated to receiving account

  • Arrival On - estimated date to reflect in receiving bank account

  • Amount - total dollar amount ($USD) of the deposit

Example Transfers Page


Downloading Transfers

Singular reports can be downloaded from the Transfers screen by clicking the Report Download icon to the left of the account name or location.


After downloading to a .csv file, the report will show:

  • Created On Date

  • Arrival Date

  • Last 4 numbers of the account

  • Routing number of the account

  • Dollar ($USD) amount of deposit

Boulevard recommends viewing these types of .csv files in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

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