Credit Card Security

Boulevard follows PCI DSS regulations and takes extra precautions to ensure credit card security.

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PCI DSS regulations require that all credit card data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. After a credit card is swiped using a MagTek card swiper at the front desk, the data is encrypted on the front desk computer before ever being sent over the internet. This provides both security (nobody monitoring your internet can eavesdrop on the data), as well as data integrity (checks to ensure that in no way has the data been manipulated).

Additionally, to take extra precautions, the credit card data is never sent to Boulevard's servers. Instead, computers using the Boulevard website send this encrypted credit card data directly to the processing bank which is again encrypted before being stored. After this process, we tell the bank to make a charge for the proper amount. This ensures that (1) our servers never see or touch the credit card data, and (2) under no circumstances can we even access the card details. Card details are securely transmitted directly to the banks to ensure utmost precaution.

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