Beta Report Drilldown

Overview of beta reports with the data drilldown feature.

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Some Beta reports offer the capability to drilldown data which gives you a detailed line item view of metrics that resulted in the number provided in the report. Data drilldown is only available in Beta reports.

Reports with Drilldown Capability

  • Daily Summary

  • Product Sales

  • Service Sales

  • Sales by Supplier

  • Discount Sales

  • Staff Performance

  • Staff Performance by Day of the Week

  • Sales Breakdown

  • Service Sales by Staff

  • Product Sales by Staff

  • Operator Activity

  • Referral Sources

  • Referral Sources by Client

  • Green Circle Sales

Accessing Drilldown Metrics

  1. From the Beta report menu, click +Add to add a report with the drilldown capability.

  2. Click the metric you wish to get a detailed view.

  3. Select Save as New Report to save the drilldown information to access, send, or export the data.

  4. The new Drilldown Report is saved and can be accessed through the shortcut at the bottom of your screen.

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