QuickBooks Online Integration

Details on how to purchase, install, setup, and manage the QuickBooks Online integration.

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Automatically export each day’s sales and payment settlement data to your QuickBooks Online account for the most up-to-date financial picture every morning.

This integration is best for customers who:

  • Do not pre-sell units of usage-based products via Boulevard (ex. Medspas who pre-sell discounted injectable units in bulk).

  • Only have one QuickBooks account to link (1 QuickBooks account per Boulevard business account).

  • If a multi-location business:

    • Use the QuickBooks’ locations instead of classes to distinguish in QuickBooks

    • Wants to use this integration for all locations

NOTE: You must be a Premier, Prestige, or Enterprise customer to use this integration. If you’d like to upgrade your plan, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@blvd.co!

Purchasing the QuickBooks Online Integration

Start by navigating to the Apps & Integrations page, located in your Manage Business settings, and click Get Started.

Next, review the criteria for whether your business is a good fit for the integration. You can purchase the integration by clicking Install.

NOTE: All locations are automatically billed regardless of whether they are later configured.

After clicking Install, you see an enrollment confirmation. Your Customer Success Manager also receives a confirmation of your enrollment and will reach out to finalize the purchase process. You can get started right away with the configuration process by clicking Connect QuickBooks Online.

Configuring the QuickBooks Online Integration

To configure the integration, you need admin access to both your Boulevard and QuickBooks Online accounts.

Start by selecting Connect To QuickBooks, which launches the Intuit sign-in screen.

Enter your QuickBooks Online username and password, then click Sign In.

You may encounter a multi-factor authentication page. Please follow the instructions to verify your identity.

If you have more than one company or firm within your QuickBooks Online account, you need to choose the correct company or firm.

Finally, select Connect to agree to allow Boulevard and QuickBooks Online to share data.

After successfully authenticating with QuickBooks Online, you are redirected back to Boulevard. The next step is to assign the Point(s) of Contact for critical email notifications about the integration.

Next, create the Location, Service Categories, and Product Categories mappings between Boulevard and QuickBooks Online.

NOTE: If you are a single-location business, the Location mapping will not appear.

The Default for Service & Product Categories and Products Without Categories selections are catch-alls for any transactions that were not categorized in the Service or Product Categories or are missing a product category. Also, if you add a new Product or Service category but don’t remember to map it to a particular QuickBooks account, it will be mapped to whichever account you select without disrupting your nightly data sync.

Next, map your Liabilities, Tax & Gratuity.

Note: if at any point you’re unsure of how to map these accounts correctly, we encourage you to speak to your accountant or bookkeeper for advice. You can also hover over the info icon for more information.

Finally, map your Default Payments.

When you’re finished, click Save.

Uninstalling the QuickBooks Online Integration

Uninstalling the integration can be completed by clicking the three-dot menu in the upper-right section of the page and clicking the Uninstall app button.

After clicking the Uninstall app button, confirm that you would like to uninstall the integration by clicking Uninstall.

Cancelling Subscription

To cancel your subscription, click the three-dot menu in the upper right and click Cancel Subscription.

If you've uninstalled the integration and would like to cancel, you need to re-install the, cancel, and uninstall it again. Reach out to support@blvd.co if you have questions regarding your cancellation.


If the sync between Boulevard and QuickBooks Online fails, the point(s) of contact listed above will receive an email notification. You can view the sync status by clicking the Open Sync History link. Any syncs that failed will have a Details link to see the reason for the failure.

The most common reason for a failed sync is missing mapping. After fixing the mapping, you can click the Rerun Export button to attempt a re-sync. The QuickBooks Online integration can recover for up to ten (10) days of failed syncs.


Below, is a table of terms and definitions to help guide you through the configuration process. We encourage you to work closely with your accountant during the initial setup so you connect your Boulevard items properly to your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts!

Liabilities, Tax, & Gratuity

Products without Categories

Products in Boulevard without an assigned category.

Account Credit Liabilities

The sale of account credit.

Gift Card Liabilities

The sale of gift cards.


The sum of all gross sales where the sale type is gratuity.


The tax collected for applicable products and services.

Recurring Membership Charges

The sum of gross new membership sales.

Credit Card Fees

The transaction fees associated with credit card processing.

Credit Card Bank Deposits

Bank deposits which is the transaction amount minus transaction fees.

Redeemed Voucher Values

The value of redeemed vouchers.

Voucher Discounts

The gross sales amount minus the redeemed voucher value amount.


The total amount of discounts (not voucher related).


The total amount of refunds.

Default Payments


Cash payments

Credit Card

Credit card payments

Gift Card Redemptions

Gift card value redeemed for payment

Account Credit Redemptions

Account credits redeemed for payment


Other payment types

For questions related to installing the integration, reach out to Boulevard Support support@blvd.co. For QuickBooks specific questions, please reach out to the QuickBooks support team.

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