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Details on how to install and use Boulevard's Green Circle Salons app.

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Boulevard’s partnership with Green Circle Salons empowers you to become a sustainable business while reducing your waste by up to 95%. Please see below for details on using the fully-integrated Green Circle Salons app to create custom environmental services fees.

Essentials Customers: To utilize the Green Circle Salons app reach out to to upgrade your subscription today.

Installing & Configuring the Green Circle App

  1. Under your Manage Business settings, select the Apps tab to Install the Green Circle Salons app.

  2. Select Configure to set up.

  3. Set custom Environmental Service Fees. Choose Per Client Fee to charge a flat fee for each client, regardless of what service they're receiving.


    Choose Per Service Fees to charge a fee for each service category and/or individual service. When you’ve entered all environmental service fees, click Save.


Charging Green Circle Environmental Service Fees

  1. When checking out a client, a Green Circle Fee will be automatically added to a ticket under Products. If you set Per Service Fees, the Green Circle Fee is only applied if you set a fee for the particular service the client received.

    NOTE: Green Circle Fee products are non-commissionable and non-taxable!


  2. After completing checkout as normal, clients see the Green Circle Fee on their receipt, and staff can see the fee in the Sales Order.


Things to Note

Multiple Service Fees

  • If a client is paying for 2 services that both have Environmental Service Fees, those fees are added together into one Green Circle Fee at checkout.


  • To only charge a client for one Environmental Service fee, you can edit a Green Circle Fee, click the three dots next to the amount, and select Adjust Price.



  • A new Green Circle Report is added when the Green Circle Salons app is installed. This report shows products by the number of clients and total green circle fee amounts.


  • Green Circle Fees appear as its own line in the Product Sales Report. Daily Summary Report includes Green Circle Fee totals within the Product Revenue total.

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