Business Service Charges

Overview of how to add business service charges to services.

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The term Business Service Charge refers to a per-service, per-location recoverable cost that is set by the business and which is subtracted from the service total before any commission is applied. The totals in any reports of commission paid to staff ('Commission Summary' and 'Service Commission') reflect already-applied Business Service Charges.

Example: Abundant Salon charges a $9 Business Service Charge for its Single Process color service. Stylist John charges $200 for this service and makes a 60% commission. His take home is 60% of the service total after the business service charge is subtracted. ($200-$9) x 0.60 yields $114.60 as John's take-home pay.

Adding a Business Service Charge

  1. Locate the service at the location level (Manage>Services)

  2. In the Service Details, enter the desired Business Service Charge

  3. Click Save Changes


Business Charges Report

The Business Charges report is organized by staff member and shows only services which already have a set business service charge. This report shows the date, client name, service, and business charge amount.

Example Business Charges Report

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