Inventory On Hand Report

Overview of the Inventory On Hand classic report which shows product, brand, quantity, and more!

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The Inventory On Hand report is filterable by Supplier, Brand, and Category. Additional columns that can be added include the Barcode, SKU, Supplier, Taxable status, and Quantity Desired. Before additional columns are added, this report shows:

  • Product - product name

  • Brand -product brand

  • Quantity - product amount currently in stock

  • Quantity Desired - product ideal amount desired on hand

  • Unit Cost - the product cost to the business

  • Unit Price - the product cost to the customer

  • Cost Value - Quantity x Unit Cost

  • Price Value - Quantity x Unit Price

  • Profit Value - Price Value - Cost Value

TIP: Use the sort arrow next to the column title to reorder the rows below.


Example Inventory On Hand Report


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