Restricting Appointment Availability

Details on how to restrict appointment availability in the self-booking overlay.

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Businesses can always place appointments anywhere on the calendar, whether or not a shift has been published. However, online bookings can only happen during published shifts. To control the availability of specific times that can be booked online:

  1. Edit the staff shifts directly: On the schedule, edit individual shifts on days to reflect times that can be online booked. Remember that the staff shift does not have to reflect the real hours that the Employee is working, just the hours that he or she would like to be open for online booking.

  2. Use time blocks: Working directly on the calendar and within a published shift, times can be blocked off within that shift to limit the times that customers can self-book. By paying attention to the service duration and transition times, time blockers can also be cleverly placed to restrict available appointment times to very specific times, i.e. only at 12 pm, 4 pm, etc.

  3. Adjust the Scheduling Rules: Locate โš™๏ธManage Business > Client Experience > Scheduling Rules to determine the time period during which a client may self-book.

    • Up to determines how close to the appointment time a client can book their appointment. For example, if set at 24 hours, clients only see appointment times that are available in or after 24 hours from the current time. Businesses that wish to accept last-minute online bookings should set a low value for the minimum notice.

    • Not more than determines how far into the future a client can book their appointment. For example, if set at 3 months, clients are not shown any available appointment times after 3 months from the current date.

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