September 2022 Updates
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Hi, friends!

What an eventful, exciting summer it's been! Join us in bidding farewell to summertime and hello to the cool, crisp new beginnings of fall. Autumn is always a great time to reset and recalibrate. But first, let's take a look back on some of the product updates and enhancements our teams released in September as we dive into the final quarter of 2022.

As always, please reach out with any questions!

Add-On Services got a major facelift

Add-On Services are an awesome way to increase your per-client spend for each appointment and drive growth! This special type of service is presented at booking as an upsell after a compatible service has already been selected. Previously, Add-On services weren’t quite as easy to set up and manage as we’d like, so we made some changes.

Creating and managing Add-On Services is now easier and more effective than before!

You now have the ability to create a service with desired settings, from service provider or resource assignments to commission specifications, and attach it as an add-on service to a base service. Add-On Services can also be associated with package & membership vouchers and usage-based pricing, and they are also visible to you in reporting. Please note, though–the add-on must be performed by the same provider as the base service.

Tell your friends about Boulevard and get $200!

We've set up a quick and easy way for you to refer other self care, appointment-based businesses to Boulevard. When you tell your friends about us and refer a business, and that business completes a demo with us, you’ll get a $200 referral reward!

The refer-a-friend link can be accessed from the dropdown to the right of the Settings icon in the dashboard. Or, if you're ready now, check it out below!

Spread the word about Boulevard and get the $$$ flowing all around!

Let’s get Social in Marketing Suite.

As a reminder, it's a great practice for you to link to your socials from within the marketing emails you send your clients! Marketing Suite's campaign builder now offers this capability.

From within the campaign builder, you can simply navigate to the "Content" options, select the "Social" block, then select and populate your desired social links. You can even customize the icons to match your chosen aesthetic. Why not drive as much engagement as possible and expand brand reach?

That’s all for now. See you next month!

Additional Resources: Boulevard Academy | Support Center

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