To allow customers to book appointments online, a booking button or tab must first be added to the website. After successful installation, clicking this button or tab will trigger a window to slide onto the current webpage. This window, called the Booking Widget, is where the appointment-booking happens.


  1. Go to Admin

  2. Choose “Themes” from ‘Sales Channel’ menu

  3. Click on “Actions” under your ‘Live Theme’

  4. Choose “Edit Code”

  5. Choose “{/}header.liquid” option

  6. Add Boulevard’s Widget Code on line 17

  7. Next, create or edit “Book Now” button

  8. Add your website url with “/#book-now” at the end with no spacing and no quotations and button will “call” the widget from the left hand side.

Note: If you have a custom Shopify, you may need to get developer help. Shopify provides this and you can reach out to Shopify Support for assistance!

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