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June 2022 Updates
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We hope the warm, vibrant summertime vibes are treating you well and you’ve had a chance to work some R&R into your jam-packed schedules. Don’t forget, we at Boulevard are always looking for ways to improve our product and make your lives just a little easier – so keep reading to learn about all the platform updates and improvements we released in the month of June.

Marketing Suite One-Time Blasts just got more beautiful.

Save time and stand out in your clients’ inbox with beautifully designed, pre-made email templates – now available within the One-Time Blasts tab in your Boulevard Marketing Suite. Once you get to the email campaign customization step, click the “Templates” icon in the right navigation pane to choose a pre-built starter template. Then, customize the messaging and aesthetic to match your campaign goals, and blast off!

Boulevard’s Client Notes are now better and more secure than ever.

Medications and allergies have joined the Client Notes section of the Client Profile! Now you can keep all of a client’s notes, photos, file uploads, allergies, and medications front and center, so they stay top-of-mind. And – because we understand your client’s privacy is critical – we’ve added an additional level of encryption for added security to all notes.

It’s everything you loved about Client Notes, now in one place and even more secure.

Add notes to completed forms.

Boulevard now allows staff members to add Form Notes to completed forms. Whether it is a client intake form or an internal staff form, staff with access to the Client Profile can add notes to responses within the form. The note will include the timestamp and the note author’s name. You can also delete Form Notes at any time if they are no longer relevant.

Voided Forms are now called Archived Forms.

Previously, when a user wanted to void a form, the button read "Void," and the voided form received a label that read "Voided." We've modified the text in the button to read "Archive" and the text in the label to read "Archived." Please note there has been no change to functionality, but the button and label text now better reflect the status and function.

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