Marketing Suite: Creating and Managing Audiences

Steps on how to create and manage client audiences for Marketing Suite One-Time Blast campaigns.

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Audiences are managed within the Clients Tab. Clients can be filtered by location, purchased service, visit type, service provider, date of first appointment, date of last appointment, tag, and referral source, in any combination therein. After the desired list is created, it can then be exported to a CSV file.

Creating an Audience

  1. Navigate to the Client’s tab.

  2. Check the boxes on the right of the screen to select from the client’s Location, what was Purchased, who the Provider was, when their First or Last Appointment occurred, Tags associated with the client profile, and the Referral Source. Multiple boxes can be checked.

  3. Once you have selected at least one filter a Save Audience button appears on the right side of the screen. Pressing that button opens a modal that lets you name the Audience and write a description for it.

Editing & Deleting an Audience

Once you have created an Audience it appears at the top of the list of selections. Changing the filters in the Audience automatically updates it.

Clicking the Edit Audience button on the top right opens a model that lets you update the Name and Description. You can also delete an Audience using the Delete Audience button on the bottom left.

NOTE: The system does not allow you to delete an Audience that is part of a scheduled One-Time Blast Campaign.

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