We currently only support Universal Analytics Properties, which means the tracking URL must be a UA-XXXXXX value.

General GA Tracking Set up:

In Google Analytics

We are not currently compatible with GA4, but with UA (Universal Analytics)

  1. To create a UA property, go to Admin (gear icon, bottom left) > Create Property. Complete all necessary fields and click “Show advanced options”, then toggle on “Create a Universal Analytics property”.

  1. Once you have created your UA property, go to Tracking Code under the Tracking Info section:

Copy the Global Site Tag and insert it in the header of each webpage of your site you would like to track.

In Boulevard

  1. Add UA code in gear icon > Online Booking > Google Analytics

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

To track the success of Google Ad campaigns, we need a way to follow the user journey from ad to the website to booking. With our standard setup, we can only track activity that happens within the website. To string together a client’s journey from an Ad, we will need to replace the standard booking widget with one that can do this.

Please reach out to Support or your Customer Success Manager for details.

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