This article will give a walk-through of how to view your merchant statements and see what you pay in credit card fees within Boulevard.

Payment Processing

You can see what you were charged in credit card fees in a few areas of Boulevard, the first being in your merchant section. To access your merchant accounts (as a business owner/admin) and their batch statements, go to the Gear Icon > Payment Processing > View Merchant.

Independent Contractors (ICs) and/or Employees without access to Business Settings: Profile Icon > My Settings > Merchant > View Activity

Once you enter your merchant details, you can download daily CSV files from this main page (by clicking "download CSV" next to the respective date that you want the report from). Or, you can click into the "Monthly Activity" tab and download monthly CSV files from here.

You'll notice there is already a column in this area that shows you your transaction fees at a glance. If you're looking for more detail and the charge per transaction, you can find this within the CSV files.

Boulevard Reports

The other place you can see your card fees would be the Sales Summary report (in classic reporting). To get here, go to Reports > "Reports" tab > Sales Summary.

It will be the last section of the report (under the Sales Category and Payment Method areas), and if you have multiple merchant accounts for a location (i.e. if you have any Independent Contractors/any employees with their own merchant account) their accounts will all reflect on this report individually.

If you have any questions please reach out via Help Chat or by emailing!

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