When utilizing the booking widget, clients can create their own online booking account (that will associate with their client profile in your dashboard).


Clients will go through the booking flow on your website and after creating their cart they will be asked to enter their email. If they do not have an online booking account associated with this email yet in Boulevard they will have a chance to create a password at the final stage of booking.

On the booking confirmation page, this is where clients without an existing account can create a password.

Next time they use the booking widget and enter their email associated with their account they will be prompted to enter their password to sign in before finalizing their appointment.

Common Questions

A new client was able to book an appointment without leaving their card on file - how?

If a client's email address is already associated with an online booking account for another business that uses Boulevard they will be able to use this same account to book with your business. If you require a card on file to book and they have a card stored with this secondary business, the card will “travel” with them to yours. The credit card will not be saved to their client profile initially but it will be “stuck” the appointment they have created with you. If for some reason this client late cancels/no shows their appointment and you need to charge them you will be able to do so. Even though you won’t see a card in the “Payment Methods” tab of their client profile, the card will populate in the checkout window for use.

Can clients manage their bookings online?

At this time, clients are only able to cancel their appointment online (as long as it is within a time frame that aligns with your business's cancellation policy, if it is within the cancellation window they will be notified to contact the business). We are expanding the capabilities for clients to be able to access an online client portal with their account where they will have more options (i.e. reschedule appointments, view future bookings, etc.). When this feature is complete we will be sure to notify everyone!

Can my clients use their vouchers when booking online?

If your clients have vouchers + a full online booking account, the vouchers will populate at the checkout portion of the online booking flow. If you require deposits for services online and the client has a voucher, at this time the client will still be prompted to pay the deposit.

Does Boulevard authorize credit cards at the time of booking?

Boulevard will ensure that the card number entered is a valid credit card number. Clients are not able to book without a valid, current credit card. If you do not require deposits the card will not be charged at the time of booking.

*American Express does utilize a temporary $1 authorization hold that clients may report seeing when booking with Boulevard using an Amex*

How does a client reset their password for their online booking account?

When they’re prompted to enter their password on the widget there is a “Forgot Password” button they can click to receive a recovery code to their email address. Once they receive the email and enter the code they can then create a new password.

My existing client booked online but it created another client profile in our system?

Clients’ online booking accounts are linked to their client profile in the system via the email address on file. If a client has an existing profile in your dashboard under email A and they use email B when booking their appointment online, the system does not know to link the two since the email addresses are different. If this happens you can merge the client profiles in the system.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support via Help Chat or by emailing support@blvd.co.

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