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Netsuite Integration

Overview of how to use Boulevard's Netsuite integration.

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Boulevard’s Netsuite Integration automatically pulls your sales, payments, and credit card transaction fee data into Netsuite, providing you with accurate and timely financials without the need for any manual importing or data entry.

To install the application in your account, reach out

Importing sales as Netsuite Invoices

Nightly, Invoices are generated in your Netsuite account, one per day per location, adding up the sales and payments activity in that location yesterday. These Invoices are displayed in NetSuite under the Blvd POS Customer, allowing you to easily filter and find these records in Netsuite.

You can flexibly configure the integration to display these Invoice line items according to your desired level of detail:

  • Consolidated sale types, such as “Services” and “Products”

  • Categories of sale types, such as “Massages” and “Haircuts” for service categories and “Skin Care” and “Hair Care” for product categories

  • Individual items, such as “30-Minute Back Massage” and “Herbal Essences Volumizing Hair Spray 8oz”

If using the 3rd configuration, the integration will find and match sales items using any pre-existing Inventory Items and Non-Inventory Items already present in Netsuite, preserving any custom fields or settings you’ve set on those objects.

Importing payments as Netsuite Invoice Related Records

Each Invoice also includes Payment entries in its Related Records section, each record representing the sum of each type of payment processed at that location.

These payments are mapped to your Undeposited Funds account, under the Blvd POS Customer, allowing you to easily filter and find these records in Netsuite. The Memo field describes the type of payment (e.g. “Credit Card”) represented in this sum.

Importing Credit Card deposits as Journal Entries

Optionally, the Boulevard and NetSuite integration can be set to create Journal Entries for the credit card transactions settled each day. Nightly, one Journal Entry is created per location per day for all of the transactions from that location.

You can flexibly configure which accounts to credit for both your deposited debit card transactions and the processing fees withheld from those transactions.

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