Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows with Self-Booking Deposits

Life happens and sometimes clients are unable to make their appointments, but your business shouldn’t have to suffer the revenue loss. Charging deposits increases the likelihood that a client will show up to their scheduled appointment, and also protects your business when no-shows and cancellations do happen. That’s why we’re now giving you the control to require deposits during self-booking for specific services or professionals.


To enable self-booking deposits, navigate to the “Manage Location” tab and click on “Services”. Select the service to open the Service Details. Under “Staff”, find the name of the location and/or the service provider and click “Customize”. Check the box for “Custom Deposit for Online Booking'' and enter the percent of the total service value. Click “Update Service” to save changes. Check out Pre-Payments and Deposits to learn more! Self-Booking Deposits are available at Premier and Enterprise subscription levels.

Membership Status in Self-Booking

Loyal clients deserve the most convenient self-booking experience without any guessing games. Clients with memberships, will now be able to see how many vouchers they have remaining before completing their appointment booking.


Vouchers aren’t redeemed until the checkout process once their service is completed.

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