You've Got Business Waiting

Your clients have patiently waited for services over the last few months, and we know they will be eager to secure an appointment. Waitlist self-booking ensures everyone has a chance to be next in line for the pampering they deserve - without you missing out on business.


Clients can choose a date and time so the front desk knows their exact appointment preference when joining the waitlist.


Dashboard updates allow the front desk to quickly see how many people are waiting for an appointment before even opening the waitlist. Additional information like Client Profile shortcuts, phone number, and preferred time makes it easy to contact clients to get them on the schedule when their time opens up.

Enable online booking waitlist today under "Details" in the Manage Location settings. Learn more about all the new enhancements here: Waitlist.

New Health Communication Helps Keep Your Staff and Clients Safe

The health and safety of both clients and staff is top of mind. Keep clients at ease with new health communication in the self-booking widget, email, and SMS reminders. When booking their appointment in the self-booking widget, clicking "OK, I Understand" ensures they are considering their health prior to booking their next appointment.


To enable new health communication, reach out to Customer Support at

Customize Service Tax Settings

Tax laws differ state by state and certain locations may require different tax rates for specific services. Now, you can customize each individual service's tax rate to charge your clients accurately.


To enter a custom tax rate for a specific service, edit the Service Details in the Manage Location settings tab. Learn more about customizing service tax settings here: Advanced Service Customization.

Record Client Referrals With Ease

Tracking client referrals can be time-consuming when you're busy scheduling appointments, greeting clients, and providing excellent customer service overall. That’s why we’ve added a Referral Source field in the New Appointment window - so you can ask and record before clients come in for their service.


To learn more about setting up referral sources, check out Referral Sources.

Personalize Visits With Appointment Message Icons

Never miss an important internal appointment note or client message with new Message icons on appointment cards. Whether you're checking in a client from the Front Desk or the Calendar, personalizing a client’s experience is easier than ever.


For more info on all icons, check out Appointment Status Icons.

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