July 2020 Updates
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Boulevard and Green Circle Salons Partner for a Sustainable Beauty Industry


At Boulevard, we understand the importance of waste reduction in bringing us closer to a cleaner, happier planet. Our partnership with Green Circle Salons empowers your salon to become a sustainable, green business while reducing your waste by up to 95%. Together we can make the planet even more beautiful.

  • Access the fully-integrated Green Circle Salons app directly within your Manage Business Settings

  • Create custom environmental service fees for individual services

  • Save valuable time. Green Circle fees are automatically applied to each order.

  • Clients get full transparency into fees directly within receipts

For more information on becoming a Green Circle Salon, visit their website here. For more information on Boulevard’s Green Circle Salons app, check out this support article.

The Green Circle Salons app is available to businesses with Premier and Enterprise subscriptions. To access the Green Circle Salons app, reach out to support@blvd.co to upgrade your subscription today.

Create a Gratuity Order

Busy days shouldn’t be harder when you need to add gratuity from a client after they’ve already checked out. No need to create a new appointment in order to charge gratuity. Navigate to the Sales tab to create a New Sale, select the staff member, and add a tip.

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