November 2020 Updates
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This month we’re excited to offer new gift card designs for holiday gifting, new settings for client confirmations, client profile enhancements, and some new privilege settings! Let’s dive in.

Spread holiday cheer with new gift card designs

Just in time for the holiday season, you now have four new festive gift card designs that clients can choose from!


Enable these designs by navigating to your Manage Business settings, clicking the Gift Cards tab, and selecting any of the new holiday designs you’d like to offer. To learn more about setting up Online Gift Cards, check out this support article.

Choose how clients receive appointment reminders

You know your clients best, and that’s why you should decide how they receive appointment communications. Previously, all clients received both SMS and email appointment reminders. Now you have the ability to decide to disable either emails or texts if you want to!


Start by navigating to your Manage Location settings. Under the Location Features, click to disable either SMS or Email Appointment Reminders.

Keep up with every purchase on the client level

Quick access to a client’s history is a must. Previously, client profiles only showed appointment and product purchase history. Now, a new Order History section allows easy access to every transaction a client has made. This new section will only be visible to staff with the “View Sales” privilege enabled.


Track shared memberships within client profiles

Sharing is caring, and that goes for memberships as well! Previously, you could only see a membership on the client’s profile who owned the shared membership. Now, you’re able to see the shared membership on both profiles as well as who owns the membership for clarity.


Even more control over what staff can access

We’re giving you more granular control over what your staff can access or change within the dashboard. New settings include the ability to reorder staff on the calendar, manage staff schedules, adjust pricing in checkout, and more!


Navigate to the Manage Business settings, select Privilege Groups, and toggle the appropriate permissions for each group. Better control over specific features means more peace of mind for management.

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