December 2020 Updates
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2020’s done. Now, it’s on to a strong and successful 2021! In preparation for kicking off the year right, we pushed through two exciting new enhancements to purchase orders and gift card history in December! Here’s what’s hot off the updates list:

New "Bulk Add" option and filters make ordering new products a breeze

Monitoring your retail and sending purchase orders can be time-consuming. But now, instead of adding each product for every supplier individually, our new “Bulk Add” button lets you quickly filter by things like inventory levels, product type, category, and brand. Best of all? Products that match your filters will be added to your purchase order in bulk! It’s just another way Boulevard takes care of the heavy lifting for you, saving you time so you can get back to selling those products once they arrive.


Keep up with the history of each gift card sold

Tracking what happened to a gift card once it’s sold can be confusing. That’s why we updated the Gift Cards section of your Sales tab to give you the option to view the history of each gift card you sell. A new window will open that shows when the card was purchased, each time it’s redeemed, and even if someone increased the balance — so you’re always in the know.


We are so excited for what’s to come in 2021. From exciting new enhancements to game-changing new product launches, we are working diligently to provide the dedicated support your business deserves to reach new heights of success. Stay tuned, stay strong, and cheers to a new year where we can thrive together.

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