January 2021 Updates
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2021 is a new opportunity to build the beauty industry back up stronger than ever before, and Boulevard is ready to support you every step of the way. To kick the year off strong, we have new beta reports, form enhancements, and much, much more. And we’re just getting started! Let’s take a look at all of the exciting new updates this month.

New report templates make tracking a breeze

As your business grows, there will always be new areas that require reporting. That’s why we’re excited to offer two new beta report templates so you can continue to track all that important data.

First up: The Time Clock Summary allows you to easily calculate payroll for any employee on an hourly pay rate. You can even get granular and track the total hours clocked for any date range across each location and employee.


Next: The Register Closeout Summary allows you or your accounting professionals to monitor all cash flow. Your front desk can also use this report to create a summary at the end of each day, making it easy to track all cash sales, pay-ins, deposits, and shortages over time. Consider every penny accounted for.


Learn more about all the data you can analyze in Beta reports here.

Easily create a form for every service offered

Sometimes, specific forms are required for individual services. Others, like waivers or COVID intake forms, should be completed by all clients and staff regardless of the service. Previously, you had to manually select every service that would trigger a form. But now, you can simply select the “All Services” option to create a form that all clients or staff must complete.


Read more about creating custom forms on Boulevard here.

Make sure the correct staff member gets credit

Mistakes happen. Luckily, we have an easy fix. Now, you can easily update the operator on a closed order when the front desk staff should be compensated for it. Just click the dropdown next to the order operator’s image and choose the correct staff member. The original operator will be crossed out with the new operator’s image beside it for easy reference of when changes are made. It’s like it never happened.


Gain more control over how you discount

If an offer is applied to multiple services or products in a ticket, you might only want to discount one of the items. That’s why we’re giving you even more control over how you discount. Previously, if you removed an offer from one line item, the offer was removed from the entire ticket. Now, you can choose to remove an offer from a specific item. (However, if you still want to remove the offer from the entire ticket, simply click the delete icon next to the offer code in the Offers section.)


Offers applied during group checkout got smarter as well! When multiple clients in the group are eligible for an offer, the appropriate discount will be applied to each client. And if only one client is eligible, only their services will be discounted.


Read more about Boulevard’s offers here.

Sync your work and personal schedules with iCal

Keeping track of personal and professional schedules can be overwhelming. But don’t fret. We’re here to help with these improvements in syncing your Boulevard calendar with a personal calendar such as iCal or Google Calendar. Now, your Boulevard schedule will automatically block off time that you’ve booked for personal appointments in your other calendars. And in turn, your personal calendar will also show your Boulevard appointments as well.


To set up your calendar sync, select “My Settings” from the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. Here, you will find fields to name your personal calendar and sync external calendars. Let the calendar harmony commence.

Read more about Boulevard’s personal calendar sync here.

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