Boulevard provides the ability to add a Facebook Pixel and a Google Analytics ID in the event that a business wishes to track pageviews and conversion on the installed Boulevard booking widget. Once the IDs are obtained, they can be added by heading to Business Settings (gear icon) > Online Booking > Tracking. Full funnels can be tracked across 5 unique events, detailed below.


Full Funnel Events

For a full-funnel/flow analysis, businesses can track the 5 events listed below. These 5 events represent actions taken within the Boulevard booking widget only, after the booking widget has been opened. These same 5 events will appear in both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel data analysis.

Event Name

Event Trigger


clicked name of individual service


clicked 'Add' under individual service


selected different appointment day


entered "Complete Your Booking" page


fully completed booking or purchase

Google Analytics

Detailed information from Google about Google Analytics can be found HERE.

Facebook Pixel

Detailed information from Facebook about the Facebook Pixel can be found HERE.

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