Send personalized offers and updates between appointments directly from your Boulevard dashboard using Mailchimp’s customizable templates to keep clients coming back.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps small businesses market faster so they can grow faster. As the backbone for customer relationships, Mailchimp provides AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful.

To send automated marketing campaigns using Boulevard Marketing, get started here.

Mailchimp Setup

Step 1: API Key and Master List

Locate your Mailchimp API Key and input within your Manage Location tab on the main navigation bar

  • Manage Location settings → Mailchimp → Add Account


Once a campaign is sent for the first time from Boulevard, Boulevard will create an audience in Mailchimp of all client contacts in Boulevard. This is considered the business' master contact list. Do not delete this master list. This list tracks clients who have unsubscribed from email marketing. If you delete this list, a new one will be created and those who have unsubscribed will be added back into the list.

Step 2: Create Templates

In MailChimp, start by creating a Template (important that you don’t make a campaign as only Templates, not Campaigns will be pulled into Boulevard).

Your email templates will be created, edited, and hosted within Mailchimp. Once created, they will be available to use within Boulevard.

You’re now ready to build email campaigns within Boulevard!

Email Marketing Campaign Setup

Step 1: Create Recipient List

Navigate to the Clients tab, and create a recipient list by selecting the appropriate search options under “Refine Search”.

Step 2: Start Campaign Creation

Click the Create Mailchimp Campaign button.


Step 3: Recipients, Templates, Send!

Build your campaign. Name the recipient segment, select a template, create the subject line, and send!


You will receive a congratulations message confirming the campaign has been sent.

Step 4: View Campaign Status

You can view current and historical campaign statuses within the Manage Location settings tab under the Mailchimp section.


Things To Note

  1. As a reminder, do not delete your contact master list. Deletion will require a new master list, and all clients who have unsubscribed from email marketing will be opted back into the list.

  2. Campaign reporting can be accessed within your Mailchimp account.

  3. Mailchimp has contact limits depending on your subscription. Exceeding the contact limit could lead to additional charges within your direct Mailchimp account.

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