Once you’ve received your Duo, follow the below steps to ensure you are ready to process payments.

The Boulevard Duo must be paired to the Boulevard Duo app on your iPad and linked to your Boulevard dashboard on a web browser.

To purchase a Duo, visit https://shop.joinblvd.com/products/duo!


  1. On your desktop or laptop, log in to your Boulevard dashboard and navigate to the new Hardware tab of your Manage Location settings.

  2. Next, you’ll install the Boulevard Duo app. Open the camera app on your iPad to scan the below QR code to open this URL: Download Boulevard Duo App


    *Note: If you currently use the Boulevard Reception App, you can now use the Boulevard Duo app for all the same functionality!

  3. Once the Boulevard Duo app is installed and open, you’ll see a welcome screen. Follow the prompts to Link your business.


    Note: Make sure the Duo chip reader is in pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. You should see 4 dots flashing back and forth.

  4. You’re now ready to launch the client experience and start processing payments!

  5. If you want this iPad to be preselected by default during checkout on the computer you're using, please toggle on Default in the Hardware tab of your Manage Location settings.

  6. The Boulevard Duo app is ready to prompt clients for gratuity. For details, refer to Boulevard Duo App: Collect Gratuity

Things to Note

  • Charging the Duo through a computer will not effectively charge the Duo. The Duo needs to be plugged into an outlet to receive enough output to hold a charge. The Duo comes with a cord for charging, however, you will need to provide the charging block to plug into the wall.

  • To go back to the device setup screen of the Boulevard Duo app, press and hold the Boulevard logo.

  • When pairing the Duo chip reader, if you see a message that says it has already been paired with another device, simply put it in pairing mode by holding and pressing the power button for 5 seconds until you see 4 dots flashing back and forth.

  • Every Duo requires its own iPad. However you can:

    • Pair multiple Duos/iPads to 1 computer/laptop.

If you have any questions, please contact Support at support@blvd.co or reach out via Help Chat.

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