Boulevard Duo: Checkout

How to use the Boulevard Duo to complete the checkout process.

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Once you have linked the Boulevard Duo app with your Boulevard dashboard and paired the Boulevard Duo by following the instructions on Boulevard Duo: Device Setup, you will be ready to check clients out.


  1. At the bottom of the checkout window, you will see the linked iPad for the Boulevard Duo app preselected (or can click to select it).


  2. Select Charge card with Boulevard Duo and select the green button to Charge.

  3. On the Boulevard Duo app, the client is prompted to either insert or tap their card to pay.


Things to Note

  • No more signatures? Credit card companies no longer require EMV-compliant merchants to collect signatures. As long as the Duo is being used to collect payment, no need to worry about signatures!

For more information on enabling gratuity and prompting for gratuity from the Boulevard Duo app, check out Boulevard Duo App: Collecting Gratuity.

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