Boulevard Duo: Basic Troubleshooting
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This article helps troubleshoot some of the common issues that may come up with the Duo. Please reach out to our support team via help chat or by emailing for assistance!

Important Reminders:

  • Be sure to check that your Duo is unplugged during the pairing process

  • Don't leave your Duo continuously plugged in to charge. For best performance, please unplug the Duo once fully charged and plug back in once the battery is depleted.

iPad is 'stuck' on Grant Access, pressing it doesn't do anything:

  • Make sure location services are on (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn Location Services On).

  • If location services are on and you're still unable to click on Grant Access, this is a good indication that the iPad could be running an older version of iOS. iPad needs to run iOS 13+ to be able to function properly with the duo/app.

iPad and computer won’t connect to each other:

  • Make sure the computer and the iPad are on the same wifi network.

  • If they’re on the same network and everything else checks out (Duo is connected and on, the app is open) try to reset the router, the internet could need a refresh.

Duo and iPad won’t connect but Duo is flashing blue lights (indicating it’s in pairing mode):

  • Go into Settings (on the iPad)

  • Bluetooth

  • Click the (i) next to the duo in the Bluetooth options

  • Click ‘Forget this device’

  • Go through the pairing process again

How to update Firmware & Config. (on Duo)

  • Open Duo app

  • Long hold the light grey Boulevard logo at the bottom of the screen

  • From this page, long hold the Boulevard logo at the bottom of the screen again

  • In this area, you are able to see if you need to update your Firmware and Config. If the screen is letting you know you need to update or it was requested you update by Support, press the purple buttons. This may take a bit, so it's best to do this when you have about 30 minutes of free time without checkouts.

iPad is saying it’s not compatible:

  • Check OS (Settings > General > Software Update), iPad needs to be operating OS 13.0 or above to be able to set up. If you can’t update your iPad to 13.0 or above you need to purchase a newer model.

iPad is registering as ‘offline’ on the desktop but everything is connected correctly:

  • Make sure the Duo app is open on the iPad, it does not register to the computer if the app is not up and running.

How to charge a card on file?

  • Choose a stored card from the dropdown on the checkout screen on the desktop (it's above charge card using BLVD Duo).

Why are only services showing up on the iPad when clients also purchased products?

  • On initial send to the iPad, only service total populates because it’s looking for gratuity (which would be on services only). Once you get through the gratuity screen and to the final page, the product(s) are factored into the total.

How to turn off gratuity on the Duo app?

  • On the dashboard go to Manage > Hardware > Settings.

  • You can disable gratuity (on the app only, not the entire business) from here in the settings tab as well as change the suggested percentages.


Can I use the Duo without an iPad?

  • Not at this time, the pieces needed for a full setup at the moment are the Duo, a desktop, and an iPad.

I have multiple iPads and Duo’s set up but only one desktop, how do I pick which iPad the sale goes to?

  • You can set a default iPad/Duo combo (Manage > Hardware > Turn one of them on as the default), but you also have the ability to choose a different setup on the checkout screen.


The checkout button is greyed out on the desktop:

  • The Duo app needs to be open at all times for the checkout process to be able to work and the iPad needs to be connected (like the picture above is showing, a selection needs to be made).

  • Leave the app open and remove the timeout Auto-Lock feature from the iPad so the screen doesn’t go black and you have to re-open every time.

  • To do this, you will go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never.

My Duo won’t charge:

  • Charging the Duo through a computer will not effectively charge the Duo. The Duo needs to be plugged into an outlet to receive enough output to hold a charge. The safest option, and one we highly recommend, is to connect the Duo to a surge protector and connect that surge protector to the wall outlet.

  • If the Duo still does not charge after being connected to an outlet, please reach out to support via help chat or email

The Duo is blinking the first and last light in red back and forth:

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