Boulevard Duo App: Check-in, Walk-ins, Forms
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Using the Boulevard Duo app for iPad, you can greet and check-in clients with appointments as well as walk-in guests.


  1. The first thing a client will see when they enter your business is the welcome screen on the iPad with the option to Check In.

  2. Clients with confirmed appointments will check in with either the phone number or email address that they used at the time of booking.

  3. Clients will see their appointment details and are asked to Confirm and Check In.

  4. Clients are marked as arrived, their arrival time is recorded, and a notification is sent to the staff member that they’ve arrived.



  1. First, enable the Walk-ins feature in your Manage Location settings.

  2. Walk-in clients are able tap Check In and are asked to enter their email or phone number. If they do not have an appointment scheduled, they are asked to enter more information and a notification is sent to the front desk.

  3. Walk-in clients will appear on the business dashboard in the Front Desk view, and the business will have the option to either add a note or assign the walk-in client to an appointment.



Please note only businesses with the Forms Add-On will be able to offer forms via the Boulevard Duo app.

  1. If your business requires forms to be filled out for an appointment, then your clients have the option to complete their forms when they check-in via the Boulevard Duo App.

  2. They can then fill out all required fields in order to submit the form and complete their check-in.

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