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The Reception app is no longer supported and will be deprecated by mid-2022. To keep the same functionality (and gain some!), upgrade to the Boulevard Duo iPad app. The Duo app works with or without Duo card reader. To use the Duo app, your iPad must be able to run iOS 13+.

See how to set up the Duo app without a Duo card reader here.


Using the Boulevard Reception app, you'll never have to ask a client if they would like to add gratuity. Clients can add tip and sign their name, all within the app. It is recommended to use an Apple Pencil or similar accessory. Please see the Supported Hardware article for links to recommended products.

Using the Reception App at Checkout

*NOTE: Staff members must have the "Mobile App" privilege group enabled to be able to collect signatures at checkout.

  1. Open the Boulevard Reception app and login

  2. Review the app settings to ensure correct setup

  3. In the checkout window add correct services, products, and prices then

  4. At the bottom left of the checkout window click Collect Signature

  5. Hand the device and stylus to the client

  6. After Done Signing is tapped, gratuity will automatically refresh in the checkout window

  7. Now swipe the credit card and finalize the transaction

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