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The Reception app is no longer supported and will be deprecated by mid-2022. To keep the same functionality (and gain some!), upgrade to the Boulevard Duo iPad app. The Duo app works with or without Duo card reader. To use the Duo app, your iPad must be able to run iOS 13+.

See how to set up the Duo app without a Duo card reader here.


The Boulevard Reception App was designed with busy people in mind. Use the Boulevard Reception app for iPad to greet both appointment-holding guests along with walk-in guests.

  • Guests with confirmed appointments sign in with the same login credentials that they used at the time of booking. At completion, the system will mark them as arrived, record their arrival time, and send a notification to the staff member of their arrival.

  • Walk-in guests are able to use the Reception App to add their personal information and trigger a notification to the front desk. Walk-in clients will appear on the business dashboard in the Front Desk view, and the business will have the option to either add a note or assign the walk-in client to an appointment.


Please see more information about the Reception App on the Boulevard marketing website.

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