Boulevard Duo App vs. Reception App
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The Reception app is no longer supported and will be deprecated by mid-2022. To keep the same functionality (and gain some!), upgrade to the Boulevard Duo iPad app. The Duo app works with or without Duo card reader. To use the Duo app, your iPad must be able to run iOS 13+.

See how to set up the Duo app without a Duo card reader here.


Boulevard currently offers two different iPad apps. The following is an overview of the differences between the two!

Boulevard Duo App

The Boulevard Duo app is the ultimate front desk companion. This app pairs with your Boulevard Duo smart card reader and Boulevard dashboard to provide the best possible client experience—before and after their appointment. If you purchased a Boulevard Duo to process payments, please use the Boulevard Duo iPad app! Functionality includes:

  • Check in clients: Use the Boulevard Duo app to welcome and check in clients, collect necessary appointment information, and let your staff know they’ve arrived.

  • Enable walk-ins: Front desk busy? Now you can quickly and easily accept walk-ins and gather their personal information without lifting a finger.

  • Collect digital forms: No more paper clipboards. Create custom digital forms and use your iPad to gather all the information your staff needs to perform their best. Keep all their information on file for future appointments.

  • Accept payments & gratuity: Offer your clients flexible, contactless payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Securely process payments with EMV technology. And discreetly accept gratuity right within the Boulevard Duo app.

Boulevard Reception App

The Boulevard Reception app was the original iPad app used for front desk management before the Boulevard Duo app was released.

If you purchased a Boulevard Duo to process payments, please download the Boulevard Duo iPad app instead! The Reception app will soon be deprecated so make sure to upgrade. Don’t have one yet? Purchase your Duo today.

If you don’t have a Duo, you can still use the Reception app for now to check-in clients, complete digital forms, manage walk-ins, and collect gratuity for card on file or swipe transactions. For the best client experience and to use the Boulevard Duo for contactless, secure transactions, please upgrade to the Boulevard Duo and App!

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