Editing a Client's Membership

Learn more about creating memberships in the Memberships: Creating, Selling and Viewing article.

Pausing a Membership

  1. In the client's profile, under the Products tab, click the Edit button next to the subscription you'd like to pause.

  2. Select Pause Subscription.

  3. Choose Pause Indefinitely or Pause Until Future Date. The date you choose means the membership will resume on that date.


Resume a Membership

  1. In the client's profile, under the Products tab, click the Edit button next to the subscription you'd like the resume.

  2. Select Unpause Subscription to resume the membership immediately.


Cancelling the Membership

  1. In the client's profile, under the Products tab, click the Cancel button next to the subscription.


    *Clicking this button cannot be undone!

Sharing a Membership

To add a client to a shared membership, navigate to the purchaser’s client profile, edit the membership under “Subscriptions”, and add their lucky friend. To learn more about making a membership shareable, check out Memberships: Creating, Selling & Viewing.


Card Declines and Past Due Memberships

Boulevard will automatically attempt to renew subscriptions on their expiration date, however customer card-declines are inevitable. In the case of a decline, the membership status is adjusted to Past Due. Boulevard will attempt to charge the client 3 times. If all attempts are unsuccessful the membership remains in the Past Due status until payment is updated. To identify membership subscriptions that are past their due date:

  1. Click Business Settings (gear icon)

  2. Select Memberships in the list on the left

  3. Set the filter to "Past Due"


Once a subscription has expired, and the renewal charge attempt was unsuccessful, the membership will be placed into a Past Due state. To recover the subscription, you may click the client's name, and navigate to their Product tab, which will show their membership alongside the ability to update the card.

From this page you can open up the renewal order (by clicking the link in the most recent renewal order), and checking it out as normal with an updated credit card. As soon as the order is paid and completed, the card on the subscription will be automatically updated to the card which used for the most recent order.

In the case of a Past Due membership, once the credit card is updated, Boulevard will attempt to charge the card on file early the next morning. If the business wishes to charge before that time, they can manually checkout the order using the new card details.


Additional Settings

In the Memberships tab of your Manage Business settings, you'll see two additional settings for your business:

  • Past Due Memberships - By enabling this setting, you can waive any past-due charges. Their new billing date will be updated to the date where the membership was renewed and they will only be charged for the months where their membership was active.

  • Multi-Location Management - If your business has multiple locations, you can control whether the locations where a membership was not purchased have the ability to edit, cancel, or share a membership sold at another location.

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