Service add-ons are unique options meant to enhance or customize a service. They can be a way to upsell while also improving the client’s overall experience. Add-ons can be included in the service at no cost or an additional cost.


  • With massage services, clients can add essential oils.

  • If it was a hair service, clients can have a hydration treatment as an add-on.

  • For facials, an add-on could be a lip or eyebrow wax or even a specialized mask.

Boulevard allows you to customize the cost and duration of service add-ons in addition to grouping these add-ons. There is also an advanced settings option, which provides the ability to set an internal cost as well as processing, finishing, and transition times.

Setup Add-Ons

  1. Navigate to the Services tab of your Manage Business settings.

  2. Select the name of the service you would like to set up add-ons for.

  3. Within this Service Details window, select Options (next to Overview).

  4. Select Create New Group and enter a “Group Name” and “# of options required to book.” Groups are used to organize add-ons during booking and checkout.

  5. Select Add Options and enter the Name of the add-on, a description (optional), pricing, and timing. Selecting Advanced will give you the option to enter an Internal Cost or any Advanced Timing (Processing/Finishing/Transition).

  6. Select Add Options to set up each of the add-ons for the service.

  7. Repeat this process for each service that has add-on options.

*There is a character count limit of 225 characters for the descriptions of add-on's

Booking an Add-On from the Dashboard

  1. Within the Calendar or Front Desk tabs, select New Appointment and choose the service. Click on the 3 dots to select the Add-Ons option.

  2. Choose the add-on and select Update. Complete the booking of the appointment.

  3. Select the appointment to see the add-on displayed under the service. The cost of the add-on is also included in the service total.


Booking an Add-On from the Self-Booking Widget

  1. After clients choose their desired service, they will then have the option to select an add-on. They will also see the cost of each add-on when booking.

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