**Note: At this time, forms are available for clients to complete through their email communication and in-store (via the Boulevard Duo app).**


Boulevard offers a custom form-builder to be used for client intake and/or internally. Once built, client forms can be automatically sent at the time of online booking, email reminder, or at the time of appointment check-in. Every form can be required once per client, or at every appointment. All forms, including internal-only forms, can be saved to a Client Profile. Forms can be printed and also saved as PDF files.

*Must have Create and Modify Form Templates privilege enabled in the privilege group assigned to the staff members you wish to be able to complete these actions.


Adding a New Form

  1. Click the Business Manage (gear icon) at the top right

  2. Click Forms in the left-side menu

  3. Click New Template

  4. Name the form and select from the options below the name to specify:

    1. Who fills out the form

    2. How often

    3. When the form is required

    4. The location(s) where the form should apply (if applicable)

    5. The services to which the form applies

  5. Click Save Changes

  6. Build the form using the component options in the left-hand column by clicking and dragging the desired component to the right into the body of the form (see below for Form Component definitions)

  7. Enter the desired text into each component, specifying if the answer should be required or not

  8. Click Save Changes

  9. Once you’ve saved your changes, select Preview to see what your form will look like for your clients and staff.

In the preview, you will see the option to Print a blank form.

Form Components

  • Large Header: Larger bold title text

  • Small Header: Smaller bold title text

  • Rich Text: Generally the body of the form, uses Markdown text styling

  • Small Text Input: Small text to ask a question that requires a written response

  • Large Text Input: Large text to ask a question that requires a written response

  • Date: Month, Day, Year input

  • Select: Dropdown menu of options

  • Checkbox: Displays multiple selectable options

  • Radio Group: Displays options of which only one can be selected

  • Signature: Signature field for signing

Example Form Using All Components

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